Fiona Wright: How the Sun Lights the Earth

Fiona Wright: How the Sun Lights the Earth


Part of the ongoing work in progress of how the sun lights the earth by Fiona Wright.

In this part of the world, at the end of each day, the solar system gives us the setting of the sun. Somewhere out to the west, not necessarily visible but perhaps in some way always present in our imagination, the nearest giant star sinks below the horizon. This is a moment in the day when many things still shift - we go home, we switch on electric lights, and sometimes we sit down in theatres.

Light and lightness is a sharing of a particular moment in the day, a simple encounter with a performer in which she unravels some of what she knows about how the sun lights the earth. The performance is neither extemporized nor impromptu but it does rely on a spontaneous collaging of thought and imagination.

The making of this work is also about not-making and a desire to talk about age-ing, disappearing, and what seems to last; about not-becoming and non-attainment.

The event will include a discussion with the artist at the end.  The show + discussion will end no later than 5pm.

With thanks to Lucy Cash, Andy Smith and Sonia Hughes.

Supported by Arts Council England.