OPEN15: Power and the Land (Q&A)

OPEN15: Power and the Land (Q&A)


Art Centre / Political Centre
Power and the Land

Join us for a conversation and Q&A with Power in the Land. An emerging collaborative art project exploring issues around nuclear energy production and the land.

Originating in Wales, where the last Magnox Nuclear Power Station is due for decommissioning, it seeks to reinvigorate debate about nuclear power at a time of climate uncertainty.

In dialogue with researchers from a spectrum of disciplines it aims to engage a wider public in these debates through creative and imaginative approaches.

Mike Hughes, Professor of Modern History at Lancaster specialises in cultural history, largely from the 20th century. He has a particular expertise in Russian history and the cultural impact of Russian politics in Britain. He is interested in exploring the nuclear age in relation to a culture of fear.

Helen Grove-White, PhD, trained in art and design history and taught at Middlesex University, is now a practising artist having graduated from Lancaster University in 2005. She has initiated the collaborative project Power in the Land following a body of work in digital and photographic media in which she has been exploring climate change.

Bridget Kennedy, M.A. Glasgow, Innovative Teaching Fellow at Newcastle University Fine Art Department and practising sculptor is also working on Power in the Land with a focus on material explorations and place. She undertakes acts of re-presentation in order to bridge the gap between diagrammatic representation and physical experience, through sculpture, video, installation and photography.

Bronislaw Szerszynski is Head of Department of Sociology at Lancaster. A senior figure in Lancaster's Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy he has long been interested in cultural understandings of the Anthropocene era and in critical responses to geoengineering as ways of counteracting climate change. He has recently engaged with Bruno Latour and Olivier Michelon on a major multi disciplinary arts/social sciences project around climate change. Bron is himself a performance artist. Nature, Technology and the Sacred was published in 2005.