Making Room: Foot In The Door

Making Room: Foot In The Door


Foot In The Door begins with an invitation to artists at the start of their career to spend a week together in Lancaster. They might never have met before. Some make theatre shows, while others are musicians and visual artists. Together, they spend a week developing brand new ideas. You are invited to be the first people to hear them, see them, engage with them.

When we choose the artists for this programme, we are particularly excited to imagine how they might work together as a group. We always look forward to seeing how they support and challenge each other." Leo Burtin, Producer.

After Foot In the Door last year, participating artists received ACE funding, undertook national tours and performed to sell out audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe.

This event will be designed during the preceding by the participating artists: Avital Raz, Emma Geraghty, Josh Gardner, Ashleigh Owen and Amy Vreeke. The event will also feature guest appearances by previous Foot In The Door participant James Monaghan and emerging associate Jenny McMillan.

To find out more about the artists and their ideas as they develop, keep an eye on our blog and follow our social media channels.

Foot in the Door 2018 is brought to you by Making Room in partnership with Lancaster Arts and hÅb.

Artists & Running Order

Josh Gardner
Retracing the journey of Bilbo the Hobbit to Mordor. If you line up a map from Lord Of The Rings to a map of Europe, you find Mordor in Turkey so Josh undertook this journey in an attempt to think about migration in relation to his privilege as a white man.

Amy Vreeke
A project exploring 'endometriosis' which she lives with. Her stand up routine on the condition has already received press coverage:

Avital Raz
A singer songwriter developing a theatre show based on this song:

Emma Geragthy
Exploring body positivity and music


James Monaghan
Returns 'one year on' to showcase the development of his piece 'Forest' exploring porn addiction.