Medea, written in rage

Medea, written in rage


By Jean René Lemoine
Translated, adapted, and directed by Neil Bartlett
Performed by François Testory

Costumes by Mr Pearl
Music by Phil Von
Lighting by Chahine Yavroyan


Medea returns from history. This time, she's telling her side of the story…

The stage is set for a gig - a microphone, a bank of speakers, and smoke hanging in the air. A figure in an extraordinary gown emerges from the shadows. This is Medea - returned from history to tell us her version of events.

This startling, contemporary reimagining of the ancient Greek legend of passion and revenge casts Medea as the ultimate outsider, a stranger filled with rage in a foreign land. Her monologue transports us from ancient Greece to modern Europe and back again in a provocative, bloodsoaked collage of performance, opera, and sexual confession.

16yrs+ (adult content, strong language & possible nudity)

With the kind support of: The Institut français du Royaume Uni, SACD France, South East Dance, Theatre of Europe, Marlborough Theatre, And What? Queer Arts Festival, and FOLKE
Commissioned by The Place
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England