A Home for Grief - Installation

A Home for Grief - Installation


A Home for Grief installation emerges from the performances happening on the 16th and 17th of May. It is an experience curated from meeting local people, audiences’ contribution during performances, and rituals created for Lancaster and the Cottage Museum. It is an invitation to contemplate.

You will listen to the voices of local women from different backgrounds sharing how they take care of their dead and themselves. These are stories of care, memory, ritual and grief. Your presence will contribute to a tender conversation on how we say goodbye. And you are invited to add your story to this tapestry.

This is a first step in creating a communal action that serves people of different backgrounds, searching for ways to share grief across boundaries and histories. We welcome anyone who wishes to attend with compassion and a loving heart. A Home for Grief is a subtle rebellion, with the hope of affecting change in the ways we relate to each other and giving life to the knowledge that we all share an ultimate journey, from birth to death.

No price for admission but a donation is requested.