French & Mottershead: Aftercare for Waterborne

French & Mottershead: Aftercare for Waterborne

Experience the moving audio artwork Waterborne by French & Mottershead overlooking Lake Carter at Lancaster University (known affectionately as the 'duck pond' by staff and students). Then join one of the artists and a forensic scientist to informally discuss this work and share your experience and thoughts on death, decomposition processes, and water.

For the Aftercare discussion, the artist Andrew Mottershead will be joined by Dr Anna Williams (Forensic Anthropologist and Professor of Forensic Science at UCLAN).

Andrew Mottershead Andrew is one half of UK artist duo French & Mottershead alongside Rebecca French. Their work spans performance, video, photography, sound and digital installation, and makes use of detailed social and forensic research to expand the viewer’s relationship to place and site. Often working with experts as part of their process, they undertake deep investigations into the ways environments, architectures and public spaces connect with who we are. They have created works for galleries, museums, libraries, shops, forests, boats, online, public footpaths, and in domestic spaces to intervene in the patterns, routines and images of daily life. Their work has been described as “poetic, playful and subtly subversive.”

Professor Anna Williams
 Anna is Professor of Forensic Science at the University of Central Lancashire, and Manager of the Lancashire Forensic Science Academy. She is a forensic anthropologist with considerable casework experience with police and forensic science providers and has a research interest in forensic taphonomy and decomposition. Anna advised French & Mottershead on the “symphony” of smells of chemicals waxing and waning with time as the decomposition process unfolds, and is passionate about improving science communication through a variety of media.



Contact Info:

Please register your interest in attending by emailing: This will be a small gathering outside and will conform to Covid Safety rules.  Free refreshments will be provided.


14.00 – 14.30 Waterborne Audio Work (don't forget to bring your smartphone and headphones - over ear if possible.  See full info on Waterborne).

14.30 – 15.30 Waterborne informal discussion


Lake Carter, Lancaster University