An Evening of Chamber Music with Nicola Benedetti

An Evening of Chamber Music with Nicola Benedetti


Benedetti Elschenbroich Grynyuk Trio


RAVEL Trio in A minor
TURNAGE Duo for Cello and Violin
SIERRA Piano Trio Butterflies Remember a Mountain
BRAHMS Piano Trio No.1 in B major, Op.8

Despite a glittering solo career which has earned her a worldwide reputation, Nicola Benedetti’s private passion is for chamber music. In her piano trio she teams up with her partner Leonard Elschenbroich and the masterly young Ukrainian pianist Sasha Grynyukfor a whole evening of musical magic between friends.

Ravel’s only piano trio is a bittersweet vision of rapturous poetry, written in the depths of the Great War, while Brahms’s B major Trio is the grandest of romantic outpourings by a young composer hopelessly in love.

In between, they play a new mini masterpiece by Arlene Sierra, and the virtuosic Duo created for them by Mark Anthony Turnage – bringing a personal touch to a very special evening of music-making.

6.45pm Foyer Music

Due to illness, Alexei Grynyuk in unable to perform. He is replaced by the pianist Wu Qian for this performance.


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