Ashleigh Griffith: We Were Never Here

Ashleigh Griffith: We Were Never Here


As part of Lancaster Arts City’s First Friday programme you are invited to experience a double bill of interactive pieces by Ashleigh Griffith.

Booking is essential for We Were Never Here as it is a limited capacity, one to one performance lasting up to fifteen minutes. It will take place in the foyer at Ludus Dance, please arrive promptly. You will be required to make a donation at the end of your We Were Never Here appointment. Donations are also welcome for Take me, I’m yours you will be charged your standard text messaging rate to take part.

We Were Never Here

We’re here. We’re in our birth certificate; in the money we spend; in our council tax demands; in our degree certificates; our deeds; our wills; our bills; our lists; postcards; petrol receipts; toilet roll; cinema tickets…

We are all well thumbed, dog-eared, paper people.

Find yourself as a perversion of paper and we explore and inhabit this humble material.

Take me, I'm yours

Thank you for taking time out of your day to engage with art and performance. We appreciate your support. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, no performers could be supplied for this evening. The performer in this piece is you.  Bring your phone to activate this performance.

To experience Take Me, I’m yours simply join Lancaster Arts Partners at the Storey from 19:30 and text the number displayed in the NICE bar from your mobile phone. Share your experiences on twitter via #takemeimyours & #MyFirstFriday

About the artist

Ashleigh Griffith is an undisciplined interdisciplinary artist. Her work includes live performance, film and installation. She uses found objects, kept objects, craft, and technology to create through experimentation. She is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD at the University of Chichester researching the notion of memory as a tangible object.

She is an associate artist with Talk with LEAP and first presented work in Lancaster as part of Encounters