The Pretend Men: Police Cops

The Pretend Men: Police Cops


WINNER - 'Cape Town Fringe Best International Show 2016'
WINNER - ‘The Stage Award for Acting Excellence 2015’
WINNER - ‘Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence 2015’
WINNER - ‘Pulse Festival Suitcase Award 2015’
WINNER - ‘VAULT Festival People’s Choice Award 2016’
WINNER - ‘IYAF Best Comedy Show Award 2016'
WINNER - ‘IYAF Best Theatre Award 2016’

Following sellout runs at London’s Soho Theatre, The Melbourne International Comedy 
Festival, The Cape Town Fringe Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016...
 Police Cops is back in town.

The Pretend Men’s critically acclaimed, multi award-winning comedy blockbuster is an action packed hour of adrenaline fuelled physical comedy, cinematic style and uncompromising facial hair.

PRESENT DAY (of 1976). Straight-laced rookie Police Cop Jimmy Johnson is out to avenge his brother’s death, and he’s got to go it alone! (with his partner Harrison). The pair begin digging and soon unearth the soily secrets that the case holds. Police Cops is a cinematic joyride, speeding down Adventure Avenue in a souped-up squad car. Oh, and did I mention...the steering wheel is made out of guns.