Seeta Patel & Lina Limosani: Not Today's Yesterday

Seeta Patel & Lina Limosani: Not Today's Yesterday


Winner of the Best Dance and Peace Foundation Award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018.

Following the stunningly beautiful Sigma last year we’re delighted to welcome back choreographer and dancer Seeta Patel with her solo show.

‘Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past’. − George Orwell

Not Today’s Yesterday is an International collaboration between UK award-winning artist Seeta Patel and Australian choreographer Lina Limosani. This work blends techniques from Bharatanatyam, contemporary dance & theatre to create a poetic narrative that has the beauty & disquiet of a Grimm’s fairy-tale. It is a one-woman show which subversively co-opts whitewashing against itself.

Not Today’s Yesterday offers audiences a chance to engage in one of the most important geo−political conversations of this decade. What is cultural identity versus perceived identity; what is one person’s version of the past compare with another’s; how does the view of history affect the view of a culture and how does the disinformation affect progress and understanding?

An exceptional piece of political theatre that speaks volumes without a word being said on the stage