A2 Company: The Future of Death /part 5 (performance)

A2 Company: The Future of Death /part 5 (performance)


London based A2 Company, the collaboration between artists Anton Mirto and Alit Kreiz, began research for this sensitive piece working with the terminally ill in palliative care, seeking to discover the changes of heart made on the verge of death, and how this knowledge might be put into practice. Out of this research came an evolving performance installation, The Future of Death, in which local residents gradually bury each other with earth, following a two-week workshop with the company exploring the inter-relationship between living and dying.

Each instalment is unique and reflective of the time, place and personalities of the people involved. The performance will take place in Lancaster's stunningly refurbished Storey Gallery.

We are seeking local participants from all ages and backgrounds to take part. Contact Alice Booth (alice@nuffieldtheatre.com) for more information.

Their performances are, in effect, a kind of living gift

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Funded by the National Lottery through Awards for All.

*A Night Less Ordinary - There are a limited number of free tickets available for this performance to those aged 16-25. Please contact the box office for further details.

This event is part of a collaboration with the Experimentality programme of Lancaster University's Institute for Advanced Studies - a year-long exploration of ideas and practices of experimentation in science and technology, the arts, politics, popular culture and everyday life.


Friday 23 October 2009 to Saturday 24 October 2009 @ 7.30pm

at Storey Gallery