Pete Moser: 24 Hours in a Tower

Pete Moser: 24 Hours in a Tower


During Curate the Campus in May 2011, musician Peter Moser spent 24 hours isolated up Lancaster University’s Bowland Tower. Every hour he composed and performed a new song, and broadcast them online.

Some songs were written for someone in a particular time-zone –Montreal, the Philippines, Vancouver – and so the songs travelled the globe. Others were written in response to emails, tweets or texts…

Performed as a gig for the first time, this is 24 songs in two sets. Rants,love songs and comic calypsos in a room showing the 24-hour timelapsed view from a tower, for a live audience and online.

Here's the first song performed live in Bowland Tower last May.
The Songs performed during #curatethecampus in May 2011 can all be found online at soundcloud.