Station House Opera: Mind Out

Station House Opera: Mind Out


Station House Opera is one of the most important and influential theatre companies of the last 30 years. Mind Out builds on the company's fascination with ideas of identity in performance, explored in previous works including Roadmetal Sweetbread and the stunning Nuffield Theatre sell-out show Mare's Nest.

Separating mind from body, and character from performer, Mind Out explores the impossible question of what it is like to be 'mindless'. Each performer is split into two: each acts as the mind of another, giving instructions for action, while their own body responds to someone else's bidding. With these constantly shifting relationships it becomes increasingly difficult to discern who is in control.

Laced with a cruel humour as the actions of one bend to the whim of another, Mind Out moves from a fragile harmony to resistance, contradiction and anarchy as minds and bodies resist the control imposed on them.

One of the most important performance groups anywhere.

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The company are running a post-show discussion after the performance on Wednesday 8 October exploring themes of Performance and Perception, with a distinguished panel including Station House Opera Artistic Director Julian Maynard Smith.

The Company Are Also Running A Masterclass (10am, Thursday 9 October) Led By Artistic Director Julian Maynard Smith.

Wednesday 8 October 2008 to Thursday 9 October 2008 @ 8pm