Tuesday Talk - Mark Peter Wright

Tuesday Talk - Mark Peter Wright


Mark Peter Wright discusses his work in relation to themes of Environment | Landscape, as part of the Peter Scott Galley & Fine Art Department's Tuesday Talks series.


Two of Wright's Screen Essays - audio-visual essays constructed within the screen of a laptop - are displayed in the exhibition which accompanies the Tuesday Talks. The exhibition and talks are part of a wider programme of exhibitions, events and knowledge-exchange in the Peter Scott Gallery, titled Change & Interchange.

Please visit Change & Interchange for a full programme.

Mark Peter Wright


Mark Peter Wright is an artist researcher working with experimental approaches to sound and listening. His practice explores the relationship between humans, animals, environments and their associated technologies of capture: critically and playfully generating debate through exhibitions, performance and collaborative events. Questions that drive his projects pivot around how agency is performed between humans and animals; how technology and media are part of an ecological approach; and how listening can become an ethico-aesthetic arts practice.