Draw to Connect

Draw to Connect


Draw to Connect was an exciting opportunity to observe, explore and represent the familiar objects that surround us, wherever we are.

This is now closed to new participants but you can find more information about the process below, and we'll up updating soon with outcomes. 

This project is for everyone; no special skills or equipment are needed, and it can be as quick or take as long as you like. You just need to be based at a UK address.

Draw to Connect was devised by Kasia Tatys as part of Is There Anybody Out There, one of the projects in Lancaster Arts programme of Breathing Space. 

A postcard carries the instructions and space for a simple tracing exercise based on an object in your immediate environment, using whatever is to hand; a pencil, a biro – anything that can be used to make a mark. You will receive one postcard and a spare stamp.

This momentary record of our surroundings and mood can be shared with Lancaster Arts and our followers on social media using the hashtags #BreathingSpace and #DrawToConnect. Using the stamp enclosed with the card you can also post it onwards.

If you choose to share with us on social media, or by email, your contribution will be part of an archive of unique impressions of this time, offered in a quiet moment from inside our homes.

To take part simply enter your name and postal address using this form

We have 100 cards, and we will be posting a batch each week until they are all used, so it could take up to 10 working days for you to receive your card after signing up. Places are limited and are ‘first come, first served’, so if you want to take part sign up now!

To share and connect with other participants, you are welcome to post a photo or scan of your completed postcard on social media using the hashtags #BreathingSpace and #DrawToConnect for us to re-post, or email it to us at producers@lancasterarts.org and let us know whether you’d like to share it anonymously.

This activity is suitable for any age

Kasia Tatys is an artist based in Lancaster and recent LICA graduate, who is interested in learning how drawing can be used by everyone (not just artists) to better understand ourselves, our feelings and our relationships to the rest of the worldEarly on in the first lockdown of 2020 we launched Breathing Space, a programme to help people connect with each other and support the freelance artistic community in the northwest. As part of Breathing Space, Is There Anybody Out There sought proposals from emerging artists in Lancashire who wanted to try something new, and to explore connectivity under the new and difficult circumstances of lockdown. 

How to Take Part

Simply enter your name and postal address via the 'Book Tickets' link below