Afrika Eye North: Moving On with Ripton Lindsay

Afrika Eye North: Moving On with Ripton Lindsay

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Workshop suitable for young adults and adults

While remaining true to his Jamaican roots Ripton Lindsay has created his own unique style, embracing a raft of urban dance styles including hip-hop, street and cool contemporary. An international artist, choreographer and cultural educator, his workshops are inspirational.

Ripton Lindsay Biography

Choreographer, dancer, dance tutor, lyricist, MC, DJ, poet and writer…….the multi-talented Lindsay was born in Jamaica and grew up immersed in the music and dance of his island, specifically the ‘Kumina’ dance traditions of the Maroon communities.

Drawing on many traditional genres, he has distilled the essence of the dance to develop his own distinctive style, whilst remaining utterly true to his authentic roots.

In 1992 he founded the ‘Nkiru Cultural Dance Troupe' choreographing and performing with them for nine years.

He left Jamaica in 2000, touring Canada and USA before settling in the UK, where he quickly became an established dance tutor and cultural educator as well as a seasoned performer, working in schools and with youth and community projects.

Using the language of music and dance Lindsay crosses boundaries of age, ability, gender and culture, making meaningful connections with his students. An inspirational teacher he has recently been working in Northern Ireland with ‘Beyond Skin’ an organisation bringing international artists to work with young people in areas of continuing conflict in an often entrenched political landscape.