Rajni Shah: Mr Quiver

Rajni Shah: Mr Quiver


Expect passion, politics, haunting vocals and stunning visuals in this unusual take on questions of representation, ethnicity and what it might mean to be British.

Rajni Shah (director/performer), Lucille Acevedo-Jones (costume/set designer) and Cis Oboyle (lighting designer) create three performative loops that weave in and out of synchronisation for the duration of the piece. By repeatedly inhabiting and abandoning the figures of Elizabeth I and a traditional Indian bride, Rajni reveals more and more of her true self during the performance and gently invites the audience to question their own identity.

Complete with original vocals (live and recorded) and a stunning series of costumes, this delicate and probing performance offers up questions and images that will stay with an audience long after leaving the space.

It's a beautiful piece, a living work of art.

Total Theatre magazine
Mr Quiver is gloriously exciting. As the performance unfolds it conjures rich atmospheres and its durational nature leaves space for the political content to breathe and for audiences to make their own connections and associations.

Richard Kingdom (Demonstrate), selecting artist


Rajni Shah is also running an artists masterclass (2pm-5pm, Saturday 3 November, £10 / £7)

This session provides dedicated time for artists wishing to explore their own performative presence with a focus on the solo form. Rajni will challenge patterns and develop confidence through practical excercises and conversation. Suitable for artists at any stage working with their own body in a Live Art context (max 6 participants).


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