Connecting to Belonging

Connecting to Belonging


Join us for a new exhibition at King Street Studios that explores what 'belonging' means to us after the upheaval and social unrest over the last year.

Artist Layla Khoo has created and designed pairs of cups which only share one saucer. Each cup is inspired by the stories and experiences shared by the people Layla has met. The two cups represent differing journeys and experiences, while the shared saucer represents the moment in which those journeys cross paths.

These pairs of cups, which are ornamental, symbolic and functional, will feature decoration drawn from the stories and experiences shared by the people Layla has met. They encourage us to share a moment on the journey towards belonging and offer an insight into the experiences of those who have belonged to more than one place and made Lancaster their home.

These new works will be on display at King Street Studios in central Lancaster.

Thursday 2nd December - Saturday 11th

The exhibition is open 12 - 4pm Monday - Saturday, book a slot to visit below. You can also walk up, but will be asked to wait if the space is full.

The exhibition at King Street is on the 1st floor and is only accessible via a staircase, there will be an online version of the exhibition ready to view soon after the opening. We can also send images of the work and further information to you.

Contact creative producer Lauren Velvick with any questions or requests.

After the exhibition, each pair of cups will be gifted back to the person who helped to create it, both to remember this moment on their journey, and to take with them as they continue to share their story and make connections wherever they belong.

About the Project

Early in the spring of 2021, Lancaster Arts hosted a call out for artists to explore what belonging means to us now after all the upheaval and social unrest over the previous year. To find out more about this, please see selected artist Layla Khoo's previous blog post here. Layla sought out those who recognise the common experience of feeling that they belong to more than one place, or that they do not actually belong anywhere. Through extensive conversations, site visits and a Creative Gathering On Belonging Layla has thought about what it takes to create a sense of belonging. Is this through language, food, clothing, places, people, art, colours, cultural events, or something else?

What has become apparent is that there is no single way in which belonging is experienced. However, there is common ground in terms of the connections that people have made; either in the places they have felt belonging to, or in their continued journey towards belonging.

Opening Hours

2 - 11 December Monday - Saturday 12-4pm


Entry is FREE but please register by booking a timed slot below