Rendez-Vous Dance: What Songs May Do

Rendez-Vous Dance: What Songs May Do


What songs may do…celebrates love in all its diversity through the amazing songs of Nina Simone.

The dance duet exposes the fractured relationship of a once romantic couple as they delve into their past in an attempt to rebuild their future together. Through Simone’s music, this performance shines a light on our deep-rooted connection to memories through music and proposes the power of what songs may do.  

Poetic, passionate, physical and emotional, this is the highly anticipated first full-length production by award-winning choreographer, and Rendez-Vous dance Artistic Director, Mathieu Geffré. 

Graham Watts, Dance Writer

An artist with pedigree, bringing depth, experience and impactful movement quality.

Commissioned by Dance City and Dance East.

What songs may do... is supported by Arts Council England, Stanley Arts, Space Six and Studio Wayne McGregor


Duration: 60 mins

Suitable for: Ages 13+