Tuesday Talks with Artists: Julia Heslop

Tuesday Talks with Artists: Julia Heslop


Join us virtually on Zoom each Tuesday  to hear from artists who will each share a film about what time means to their practice followed by a live Q&A discussion. The Tuesday Talks programme has been developed in collaboration with Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts at Lancaster University.  

Artist Julia Heslop will start our spring programme sharing her work and research that explores the boundaries of art and architecture. Julia's work often takes the form of large scale architectural installations, painting and printmaking and video. She often works in participatory, slow ways with groups and communities to create and recreate landscapes and environments. She uses her work to ask questions about the ecological impacts of development, land and property ownership, housing precarity, urban planning and local democracy.

We have been working with Julia since 2022 to look at our immediate surrounding through new perspectives following the experience of the most restrictive periods of lockdown. As well as presenting work in the Peter Scott Gallery, Julia has been researching the history of the Lancaster University campus. We will temporarily reintroduce some of the early boundary lines that shaped the land the campus now sits on as part of an ongoing conversation university and the land it occupies.