OPEN16: Women in Sound | Women On Sound 2016 Forum + Exhibition: Educating Girls in Sound

OPEN16: Women in Sound | Women On Sound 2016 Forum + Exhibition: Educating Girls in Sound


The Women in Sound Women on Sound 2016 forum, Educating Girls in Sound, will take place at the Peter Scott Gallery at Lancaster Arts. WISWOS was established in 2015 to explore women’s role in sound, which has largely been excluded from academic texts.

This event is followed by an evening of sound works and new music compositions featuring Icelandic sound artist and poet Antye Greie. The evening will also feature performances by Keiko Uenishi and Anna Xambó. Tickets, which are free, for the evening performance can be reserved here.

This years WISWOS event will focus on education. Despite the long and effective history of women working in and on sound, the numbers involved have not risen. Key questions we wish to explore in the Forum are:

What happens in the music/sound tech classroom?
At what point do we see the drop from equal interest to little interest?
What initiatives already exist that do encourage girls to engage?
What can we do, and should we do it or not?

The event will showcase the work of women in sound including their contributions to change: innovative, imaginative, thoughtful, challenging ideas that can be put forward to propose changes to primary, secondary and third level education. The day will include instrument building workshops, an art walk, concert and interactive discussion forum.

For a full schedule, visit the WISWOS website here.

Join instrument builders Ewa Justka and Tara Pattenden in this fun and easy workshop. Learn about electronics and make some noise by using light, fruits and touch!  During this workshop participants will build their own sound machines and learn the basics of electronics and electricity. They’ll discover how to create and change sound by using a few components. Using everyday items they will experiment with different ways of controlling the sound.  It will be fun and it will be noisy!

As part of WISWOS 2016, six sound works will be exhibited in the Peter Scott Gallery throughout OPEN16.

The feature artist performing for WISWOS on the 22nd of April is Antye Greie-Ripatti is a digital songwriter, sound composer, poet, curator and educator.  She is also known as Laub, AGF and poem producer, who established the organisation female pressure. Tickets are available here.

The concert is part of Lancaster Arts's #2016OPEN series.