Clod Ensemble: The Red Chair

Clod Ensemble: The Red Chair


Written and performed by Sarah Cameron
Produced in association with Fuel

Let us tell you a strange tale that did unfold someplace in the glum north o’ the warld, where there lived a Man who could not stop eating, a Woman doomed to cook his meals and one ‘inveesible child’

This unique solo storytelling performance is told in a rich and saucy Scots dialect with physical verve, a wee dram of whisky to oil the way and a musical score that rolls in like mist over the hills.

By turns haunting and humorous, The Red Chair steers us through a landscape of twisted reason, extreme compulsion and eye watering complacency, where domestic drudgery happens on an operatic scale and a father’s dereliction of duty reaches epic proportions. The Red Chair is based on acclaimed Scottish performer Sarah Cameron’s original book, a surreal ballad that lies somewhere between a Grimm’s Tale, an absurdist ghost story and a parent’s guide on how not to bring up children.

Advisory: contains some strong language.

Adapted for the stage by Sarah Cameron, Paul Clark and Suzy Willson
Directed by Suzy Willson
Music by Paul Clark Design by Sarah Blenkinsop
Lighting design by Hansjorg Schmidt

Development supported by Stratford Circus and The Basement Supported by The Leche Trust and the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation
Clod Ensemble is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation