In Between Time: Self-Care for Performers & Performance Artists

In Between Time: Self-Care for Performers & Performance Artists


Where does self-care live in your creative process?
With Victoria Firth & Ellie Harrison

Thursday 6th August, 17:00-18:30
Online workshop and discussion
Part of our #BreathingSpace Programme

Please join us for an interactive session that will offer reflective time, provocation, writing exercises and peer support around exploring and articulating self-care needs. This session is aimed at theatre makers and live performers, solo artists, those who self-produce their work, explore auto-biographical material or use their own identity in performance. We will hold space for each other to think about what we might each need for self-care both in relation to our artistic process and particularly relevant for now - the in-between work time.

About Victoria Firth

Victoria Firth is a theatre maker and performer working at the intersection of theatre, live art and cabaret. She is interested in empathy, embodiment and connection – getting under the skin of things that lots of us feel but few talk about. Her work is often direct address, being provocative and with an element of personal peril but with warmth and humour that reflects her storytelling and clowning background. Her one woman show 'How to be amazingly happy!' on the subject of childlessness and reinvention has toured nationally. She performs regularly at queer events with her comedy alter ego 'The Soothsayer'. She also provides well-being support and mentoring to other artists and writes on the topic of self-care.

About Ellie Harrison

Ellie Harrison is a performance maker and artist living in Leeds and working internationally. She creates a range of solo and collaborative devised performance work for studios, galleries, found and public spaces. Participation is at the heart of all of her work as a performer, facilitator and mentor of young people. Her work is often characterised by a playful and provocative approach to difficult topics, encouraging audiences to make decisions and participate. She works with other artists on supporting their process and has held workshops on the artists identity and creative collaboration. For the last decade she has been creating ‘The Grief Series’ which has come to Lancaster Arts and is currently collaborating with The Faro De Oriente from Mexico City on 'All that Lives'.

Breathing Space: Catalyst for Conversation

Catalyst for Conversation is a series of online workshops and discussions taking place from May to October. This is an opportunity for artists, industry experts and participants from across the world to exchange ideas and what they know through topics of value to them all.


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