Mandy Romero: Stevenage

Mandy Romero: Stevenage

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Stevenage is a unique solo combining performance, film and town planning. It is performed by Mandy Romero and directed by Cathy Butterworth.

Stevenage – the first English New Town – is an unlikely subject for a show. But this performance beautifully explores many interlinked lives: a “young man wearing a brown corduroy suit”, an English pastoral poet, a young woman who moved south in the early 20th Century, a young film actor. It’s about a town and the lives of a post-war generation up to the present day.

All kinds of experience – from sex and cinema to town planning and taxi driving – weave themselves into uncanny patterns. Your guide through the labyrinth of connections is Mandy Romero, transgender artist…

Stevenage explores the ways in which we know, or think we know, who we are. It uses physicality, cinema and original architectural models to examine the role of place in creating identity.

Please be advised this is a promenade performance. 

Artists Workshop

Roger Hill is running an artist’s workshop exploring place and the built environment in a context of relentless economic change. Taking the idea of “regeneration” as highly contentious, the workshop concentrates on the evidence we might assemble as artiststo locate ourselves in a shifting and increasingly virtual world. [Further Details]

Pic n Mix is available for the show and workshop saving you 10%.
Note for students: you can use your student points for both the workshop and the show