Curate the Campus : Be.Somewhere.Now

Curate the Campus : Be.Somewhere.Now


Visual artist S Mark Gubb has created a unique limited series of three postcards in response to the Curate the Campus initiative. The playful and irreverant cards will be located across campus alongside the other Curate the Campus events and installations.

S Mark Gubb works across a range of media incorporating sculpture, video, sound, installation and performance. The subjects for his work are drawn from the social and political culture he grew up in; an equal fascination with things he finds so great and so terrible about the world we live in. This often takes the form of a re-evaluation and re-interpretation of contemporary culture and history, placing the seemingly familiar in relation with the incompatible, to provoke us to consider our contribution to the world we live in.

Often working with the triptych and drawing on music and religious forms of communication Gubb suggests a wider discourse around history, culture and belief systems, inviting us to reflect on our moral codes and desire and ability to impact upon and change the world we inhabit.

Monday 9 May 2011 to Friday 20 May 2011