Sena Başöz: Forough

Sena Başöz: Forough


You may visit the gallery free of charge. There is no need to book.

Opening times:
Monday - Friday 11am-5pm
Selected Saturdays (24 Feb, 9 March and 23 March) 9am-4.30pm

Join us as Sena Başöz's immersive installation, Forough, fills the Peter Scott Gallery with birds, marking the launch of our annual theme of Flight.

Forough is a flying archive, representing individual lives that have been restricted, left devoid of freedom or lost. The title of the work comes from the first name of Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad and her famous line: “Keep the flight in mind, the bird may die”.

The work is composed of hundreds of photographs of taxidermied birds from a 19th century natural history collection based in Istanbul. Re-animated by an artificial wind, the images fill the space with sound reminiscent of bird’s wings and murmurations.

Lancaster Arts is excited to have acquired Forough in 2022 with support from the Contemporary Art Society. Come and experience this exciting and timely addition to the collection, displayed for the first time in the UK.

Sena Başöz is based in Istanbul, Turkey and works across different media. Sena seeks ways of interacting with what is considered out of reach, often working with archives, and creates work which investigates healing.