17OPEN | French & Mottershead: Woodland

17OPEN | French & Mottershead: Woodland



French & Mottershead’s present their moving audio art work Woodland describing your body’s slow fade in to the leaf litter of the forest floor, experienced whilst lying in the campus woodland at Lancaster University. This work connects you deeply to your body, and considers the biological and chemical processes that continue long after you are conscious, as you are gently subsumed by the earth over thousands of years. Woodland offers a meditative and surprisingly calming self portrait of what happens to our bodies after death.

On Tuesday 9 May, join the artists and invited guests for Aftercare. Share your experience of Woodland, and thoughts on death and the natural processes of life beyond death. Ask at the box office for directions to the outdoor location of Aftercare.

Woodland is part of French & Mottershead's Afterlife series. Afterlife is a series of four 20-minute immersive digital artworks that transport the listener to places which paradoxically none of us will ever know: connecting us with stories of the body’s decomposition after death.

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French & Mottershead’s multidisciplinary practice invites us to think again about who we are and our ties to place and one another. With a longstanding interest in placing the audience at the centre of their work, French & Mottershead have elaborated on themes such as individual and group behaviour, and how we connect with nature or urban life. Working across media from video, performance, photography, interventions and sound, the works are borne from rigorous research, often working with experts from a variety of fields. Their works have been commissioned by Tate Modern and The Photographers’ Gallery, and exhibited in galleries and the public realm across the UK and internationally.