Will Dickie: White Sun

Will Dickie: White Sun


An extraordinary dialogue between a father and son, between the past and the present.  

Conjuring the ghosts of the men who have dominated the stage before him, Will Dickie navigates the tensions of inheritance, privilege and addiction. It is personal and political. Unsettling and humorous.  

Will Dickie is a maker working across dance, theatre and live art, who uses his body, autobiography and place, to create soulful performances.   

Following the show, Avital Raz and Will Dickie will discuss the ideas in both of their shows, such as coming of age, inheritance, and a reckoning with the past.   

Buzz Magazine

Dickie’s piece consciously rejects convention and, in its place, offers vulnerability, connection, and wit. Something about White Sun stays with you long after you leave the room.

Post show discussion with Will Dickie and Avital Raz.

Duration: 60 mins  

Suitable for: Ages 12yrs+