Proto-type Theater: DEAD CATS

Proto-type Theater: DEAD CATS


In rooms like this room people lie. Not little lies, the kinds of lies that kill people, or worse…  

In this room, or in rooms like this room, they use phrases like collateral damage, like extraordinary rendition, like perception management. They cover up their dirty words with clean ones, in rooms like this room. In rooms like this room they redact the names. In rooms like this room, language is laundered. The name of the game is spin. The name of the game is spin. Perfect beginning for a year on the theme of Ritual. 

Dead Cats blends new writing, performance, film-making, and an obvious plant, to show – not tell – the truths behind the fictions. Lancaster Arts is proud to present Dead Cats, part of Proto-type Theater’s critically acclaimed Truth to Power Project – a socially engaged exploration of power, democracy, truth-telling, protest, privacy, conspiracy, and control.  


“Proto-type’s team have such imagination and clarity of vision… a great antidote to [a] tangled political landscape”  
Exeunt Magazine 

“It made me want to headbutt a bank.”  
Audience Response 


Duration: 75 mins
Age: 14+, infrequent strong swearing

Post-show discussion with the company.