Tuesday Talk | Rebecca Louise Collins

Tuesday Talk | Rebecca Louise Collins



The Tuesday Talks programme invites artists, thinkers and curators to explore an aspect of their practice in a lunch-hour. Visiting speakers shape the form of their talk, so you can expect anything from in-depth discussion of a current interest to a live performance. 


Rebecca Collins is an artist researcher working at the intersection between contemporary performance and sound studies. Her practice, grounded in specific sites or communities, investigates the relationships between social, political and cultural phenomena. Current works explore eavesdropping and amateur espionage, the performativity of gender online and the vibrant potential of landscapes and rural communities.

She is interested in how critical, fictional and performative interventions might cultivate attention towards our contemporary condition indicating potential levers for change. She shares her practice through multiple outcomes which might include performed material, exhibitions, screenings, workshops and publications. She is a lecturer in Contemporary Art Theory at Edinburgh College of Art, the University of Edinburgh.


The Tuesday Talks programme is a collaboration between the Peter Scott Gallery and Lancaster University Fine Art Department. The Spring 2018 season includes: 

Richard DeDomenici | 30 October

Jake Clark | 6 February

Paulette Terry Brian | 13 February

Rebecca Louise Collins  | 20 February

Hannah Catherine Jones | 27 February

Jordan Baseman | 6 March