After Dubrovka

After Dubrovka


A theatre installation by Neil Mackenzie and Mole Wetherell, with sound artist Spencer Marsden

After Dubrovka

A Nuffield Theatre 'Out of the Box' event, in association with The Grand Theatre Lancaster

In October 2002, Chechen rebels took over the Dubrovka theatre in Moscow, taking audience and performers hostage. The siege lasted for nearly two and a half days, ending when the military pumped in a sedative gas and stormed the building. 129 hostages died... Exactly five years on, After Dubrovka is an opportunity to reflect on the significance of this event, and on other acts of performance and audience in the world today.

The entire Grand Theatre is wired with speakers, but contains no live performers. You will be able to stand on stage or sit in the auditorium. From each speaker you will hear a different voice, reflecting on the experience of being an audience member (in theatres, in front of the TV, witnessing a significant event) or of being a performer (an actor, a diva, a character, a failing dictator, a suicide bomber).

Tickets For After Dubrovka Must Be Booked Direct With Grand Theatre Lancaster On 01524 64695

Thursday 11 October 2007 to Saturday 13 October 2007 @ Slots available 6pm-9.30pm (11 & 12 Oct), 2pm-9.30pm (Sat 13 Oct)

at GRAND THEATRE, St. Leonardgate, Lancaster