Nuffield Summer School with Cupola Bobber (2008)

Nuffield Summer School with Cupola Bobber (2008)


The Nuffield Theatre's 3rd annual Artists Summer School, led by Chicago-based company Cupola Bobber.

Cupola Bobber are Chicago-based duo Stephen Fiehn and Tyler Myers. Currently International Artists' Fellows at the Nuffield Theatre, the pair will be making their last trip as part of the Fellowship to run a summer school for artists from all disciplines. Please see projects section for more information.

Cupola Bobber are talented, wonderful, and very committed. Their portable creative strategies I think propose a valuable model for how and why to make performance in the new century.

Matthew Goulish, Goat Island.

Monday 28 July 2008 to Friday 1 August 2008 @

at Lanternhouse International, Ulverston