Festival of Questions: Day of Questions 2

Festival of Questions: Day of Questions 2


Lancaster Arts’ Festival of Questions is a 3-week series of special events, panel discussions and cultural projects in February 2016.

During FestQ two full days of panel discussion will take place at The Storey, in Lancaster's city centre, on Saturday 6th and Saturday 20th February. Offering viewpoints from marginalized perspectives as well as the mainstream, with speakers from across the political spectrum, these 'Days of Questions' seek to explore the cultural, social and political climate of our time.

Saturday 6th – Day of Questions 1 / Saturday 6 February
Saturday 20th – Day of Questions 2 / Saturday 20 February


Is the Internet Good for Feminism? 
Saturday 20th Feb, 12 midday
The Storey (Music Room) w/ speakers Caroline Criado-Perez, Shoshana Devora, Polly Davis & Debra Ferreday

Any routine trawl of online comment forums will showcase the pervasiveness of modern misogyny, yet the internet has brought with it many sites of resistance alongside objectification. Is the internet erasing the milestones of feminism? Or are online forums, blogs and social networking sites facilitating new gains?

Do Young People Stand a Chance in Modern Britain?
Saturday 20th Feb, 2pm
The Storey (Music Room) w/ speakers Alvin Carpio, Kirsty Finn, Roxy Legane & John Urry

Excluded from the minimum wage. Intense competition for internships on limited or no pay. What are the prospects for modern Britain’s under 25s? How probable is it that milliennials from low income backgrounds will move above such social and economic limitations in large numbers?

Will the Earth Outlast the Human?
Saturday 20th Feb, 3:30pm
The Storey (The Reading Room) w/ speakers Nigel Clark , Andy Jarvis, Bronislaw Szerszynski &  Joanna Zylinska

As human activities profoundly alter geological conditions - manifesting in such phenomena as climate change - will it be us that leave the planet out of necessity or are we, like the dinosaurs, destined to go first, leaving the Earth to play host to the next dominant species? 

What is the Price of the Powerhouse?
Saturday 20th Feb, 5pm
The Storey (Music Room) w/ Cat Smith MP and Prof. Geraint Johnes in conversation

As, under the banner of ‘the Northern Powerhouse’, central government seeks to assign responsibilities to city councils & local authorities, we ask what opportunities the ‘devolution agenda’ will create, and what it might discard. Can we picture the North West in 2030? What will the region look like, beyond the ‘key cities’?



FestQ FRINGE: Why Collaborate?

20 Feb, The Storey Lecture Theatre, 2.30-3.34pm

w/ Caustic Coastal, Collective Artivation, East Street Arts, (It’s All) Tropical & The Royal Standard.

Directors and organisers of artist-run spaces and artists collectives from across the country join Lancaster Arts to discuss the question of collaboration.


FestQ FRINGE:What roles can cinema play in post-conflict societies?

Saturday 20 Feb, The Storey Lecture Theatre, 4-6pm

w/ Paula Blair, Philippa Page & Nick Morgan

This discussion will raise questions around the ways that cinema and screen cultures can facilitate understandings of local experiences of political violence.


Presented as part of Festival of Questions [2.2.16-20.2.16]

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Presented in partnership with Modern Culture, & Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at Lancaster University