Curate the Campus : Rebecca Chesney residency

Curate the Campus : Rebecca Chesney residency


Rebecca Chesney is a visual artist living and working in Preston, UK. Her work deals with rural and urban landscapes focussing on numerous subjects from folkloric and scientific angles as well as connections in historical and contemporary art.

Rebecca Chesney - The Dandelion Project

The Dandelion Project is an ongoing investigation into the complexity and variety of the plant; its folklore and uses; science and research; plus their representation in art in an historical and contemporary context. This research led Rebecca Chesney to a fieldtrip in 2010 to Japan where the European Dandelion Taraxacum officinale is seen as an alien invasive species, out-competing its Japanese counterpart Taraxacum japonicum.

Rebecca Chesney's recent work includes a focus on dandelions, both in their symbolism and how the European dandelion has become an invasive species in Japan, and an investigation in to native bumblebee and solitary bee species at Yorkshire Sculpture Park as part of a year-long residency.

Monday 9 May 2011 to Friday 20 May 2011 @ Various at Across Campus