Rosie Dennis: Hitting a Brick Wall and Access All Areas

Rosie Dennis: Hitting a Brick Wall and Access All Areas


Rosie Dennis is a Sydney-based artist who mixes movement and text to create deceptively simple and intensely evocative performances. Finding humour in serious subjects, Access All Areas is an electrifying exploration of claustrophobia in relation to open-plan offices and workplace expectations. Hitting a Brick Wall explores popular cultures' obsession with winning and winners by replaying a single moment of glory in a woman's life.

This is a show about wanting to win, winning once, and not ever winning again. This is a show about lost opportunities, boats that are missed. Public personas, fakes and frauds. This is a show that strides the boards in a pair of borrowed cowboy boots. This is a show without competition. No odds on against.

This is a show about being the best. Living a dream. Reliving the glory and remembering the shame.

Rosie has the ability to weave a lot out of a little. Using elementary tools: a voice, a body, a light, a song, she produces work with the intricacy and delicacy of a spider's web

Gary Winters (Lone Twin), selecting artist


Rosie Dennis is also running an artists masterclass (2pm-5pm, Wednesday 17 October, £10 / £7):-

A hands on session taught through a series of improvisational structures and techniques taht can be used to generate material and shape performance. The techniques are flexible and can be used for creating movement based work or spoken word performances, or a combination of the two.

Thursday 18 October 2007 @ 8pm