Catalyst For Conversation

Catalyst For Conversation

Part of our #BreathingSpace programme

Catalyst for Conversation is a series of four online workshops and discussions taking place from May to September this year. The catalyst for these conversations is the Covid-19 pandemic that is changing the way we interact with each other. The focus of this series is not on the production or sharing of new work, but rather embracing this unique chance to take a pause, reflect and notice, look around us, reconsider our practices, ourselves, our relationship to others and to our communities in a virtual communal space.

We want to explore the format and approaches for online conversations.

Everyone is welcome to take part in any of the webinars but we would ask you to join us for the full session rather than dip in. Online capacity will be limited for each session to enable meaningful conversation and to suit a specific audience and purpose.

This is an opportunity for artists, industry experts and participants from across the world to exchange ideas and what they know through topics of value to them all. And in ways they might not have otherwise have had prior to the Covid-19 crisis. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, express their thoughts and feedback to us. The digital platform Zoom serves as a test ground to experiment with discussion formats and topics which could spark alternative future interactions.

Upcoming Conversations

Going Out, In: A Virtual Night Out At Lancaster Arts
Amy Vreeke + guest artists
Monday 12 October. 19:30 - 21:00

Previous Conversations

How to Survive as an Early-Career Artist
Ellie Barrett & Saul Argent
Thursday 14 May. 14:00 - 15:00

From Nova Scotia to Morecambe
Creating Work for Non-Arts Spaces
Thursday 02 July. 17:30 - 19:00

In Between Time: Self-Care for Performers & Performance Artists
Victoria Firth & Ellie Harrison
Thursday 06 August. 17:00 – 18.30

Illustration Credit: Lisa Lorenz

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