Hear Me Roar: A decade with Mars

Hear Me Roar: A decade with Mars


This event is part of Hear Me Roar! a Lancaster Arts City First Friday festival presented in association with the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies.

A Decade With Mars is a ten-year project about time, communities, sustainability and the future.

Bristol based artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent have been meeting a small
group of people around the UK, who have applied to become part of an ambitious project which aims to send ordinary people to live on Mars. It’s a one-way trip and aims to establish the first human colony on another planet.

Ella and Nicki began these meetings in 2014 and will continue for the next ten years, documenting our changing projections of the future over a long timescale, alongside the mission timeline.

Through meetings with a group of people who wish to live on another planet, (including a taxi driver, an astrophysics student, a PHd researcher, and a civil servant) Ella & Nicki are looking back on Earth, to look at the ways in which we live today and the possibilities for the future. How do we create and sustain our communities?

Ella and Nicki will be giving talks about the project during the week…. Further details available on their website.