Mandla Rae: As British as a Watermelon

Mandla Rae: As British as a Watermelon


As British as A Watermelon is a messy sensory experience.  

My name is Mandla.
It means power. 

I gave it to myself. 

Mandla Rae has a selective memory, and they are scrambling to piece together their life. As British as a Watermelon questions what it means to belong through exploring Mandla’s fragmented asylum and migration memories. 

Told through an unflinching narrative, weaving poetry and storytelling together with destruction and colourful chaos, you are invited to join Mandla as they rise from the dead and reclaim their misplaced power. 

Mandla Rae is a queer Zimbabwean writer, performer and curator. Their pronouns are they/them. Their work typically explores their intersectional existence and their response to the world around them. 

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14+ Please note: As British as a Watermelon contains references to trauma, sexual assault, child abuse, suicide, reference to border police and of asylum and racism.