Silent Lines - Live Stream

Silent Lines - Live Stream


As part of their response to the challenge of Covid-19, Russell Maliphant Dance Company have decided to share elements of their Digital Archive - some full performance recordings and some short clips from creative processes - to give you insight into the artistic processes of the company and collaborators. This week they Live Stream Silent Lines.

Silent Lines (on tour 2021 - 2023) is a work for 5 exceptional dancers, with projections used to create a fluidly shifting atmosphere using animations by Panagiotis Tomaras. The sound design has been created by Dana Fouras and passes seamlessly from classical to electronic, and the costumes have been created by Stevie Stewart of Bodymap.

Silent Lines investigates a range of poetic possibilities, using the visually rich and resonant connections between internal and external worlds - the microcosm and the macrocosm - exploring the endless web of connections we encompass and embody. The dancers' movement language has a shared ground but is also unique and personal to each dancer.

Director and Choreographer
Russell Maliphant

Lighting Design
Russell Maliphant & Panagiotis Tomaras

Video Projection
Designer Panagiotis Tomaras

Sound Design
Dana Fouras

Costume Design
Stevie Stewart

Executive Producer
Martin Collins

Alethia Antonia, Edd Arnold, Grace Jabbari, Moronfoluwa Odimayo, Will Thompson
Film Producer and Director
Martin Collins

Date & Time

8pm, Saturday 25 April

Live Chat

Sarah Crompton will introduce the film, whilst Russell Maliphant and Sound Designer Dana Fouras will be on YouTube live chat throughout the stream.