Tuesday Talk - Stephanie Fletcher

Tuesday Talk - Stephanie Fletcher


Stephanie Fletcher discusses her work in relation to Change & Interchange: Environment

Stephanie Fletcher discusses her work in relation to themes of Environment | Landscape, as part of the Peter Scott Galley & Fine Art Department's Tuesday Talks series.


Three works from Fletcher's Treehouse series are displayed in the exhibition which accompanies Tuesday Talks. The exhibition and talks are part of a wider programme of exhibitions, events and knowledge-exchange in the Peter Scott Gallery, titled Change & Interchange.

Please visit Change & Interchange for a full programme.

Stephanie Fletcher


Fletcher is an artist, writer, activist and project curator based in Preston. In Summer 2014, she co-founded The Birley artist studios and project space in Preston city centre. She is also editor at Twigs & Apples Zine Publishing and the Lancashire Free Press activist newsletter.

Fletcher’s creative practice explores the hybrid role of the artist/activist through drawing, writing, print-making, zines and public space interventions. She explores themes of work, time, urban travel, alienation, protest, the city and nature; through anarchist theory and absurdist philosophy. In particular, Steph is interested in our relationship with working life and the increasingly precarious nature of modern employment.

Visit Fletcher's website here.