Rebecca Chesney: 66 Million

Rebecca Chesney: 66 Million


26 January - 17 March
Join the artist at the opening event
6-7.30pm, 25 January

Shot in October 2016, one month before the presidential election, 66 Million presents California as it enters its sixth year of drought. Sites in Yosemite National Park and the agricultural Central Valley show the differing impact of the drought on natural and man-made environments - in a time of scarcity, 66 Million questions our priorities.

When Chesney returns to Saratoga in Spring 2017, America will be two months into President Donald Trump’s term in office. The President-elect stated during his campaign that he would withdraw America from the Paris Agreement and cut federal climate spending, though in the period since the election this stance has changed. California’s drought and the devastating impact it continues to have is now set against a backdrop of accelerating political uncertainty.

Chesney is keen to see what has changed when she returns.

66 Million introduces the new work and research being developed through Chesney’s three-month residency at Montalvo Arts Center (Saratoga, USA).