Tuesday Talks  - Noel Clueit

Tuesday Talks - Noel Clueit


Our Tuesday Talks invite artists to make a presentation about their ideas or practice, but to think beyond a curriculum vitae style presentation.

Noel Clueit

Noel Clueit explores the relationships and disparate threads between objects, language, history and representation. Using a variety of media including video, painting and animation, he takes secondary sources as a point of departure for investigation into the perception and authority of cultural artefacts. The research he undertakes is led by misquotes, soundbites, screen shots, google images and out-of-print books. Clueit deconstructs his formal art education with the intention of understanding at what point different modes of gaining knowledge second hand misconstrue, homogenise or compromise the subject in its original form. This in turn informs and loops back to feed new ideas for work.

Clueit is based in Manchester. He graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Cumbria Institute of the Arts in 2007 and his work has featured in exhibitions at MalgrasǀNaudet (Manchester), CIRCA Projects (Newcastle upon Tyne), Workplace Gallery (Gateshead) and Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects (Blackpool).


Information from http://www.contemporaryartsociety.org/event/studio-visits-maeve-rendle-noel-clueit/


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