Ludus Dance: Consequences

Ludus Dance: Consequences


Ludus Dance and Nuffield Theatre Lancaster present: Consequences

A jaw-dropping dance theatre spectacle that will have you laughing out loud and holding back the tears.

For the first time, Ludus Dance and the Nuffield Theatre have together co-commissioned three new dance pieces. In this electrifying triple-bill, three of the UK’s most prominent choreographers – Nigel Charnock, Yael Flexer and Ben Wright – each take you on a compelling journey of cause and effect, in a pulse-racing mix of energetic dance, theatre and music.

Nigel Charnock brings you a thunderously chaotic chunk of dance theatre that explores the effects of order and chaos on our lives, whilst poking fun at the self-destructing tendencies of our fame hungry society.

Yael Flexer’s ‘show within a show’ sees the four dancers caught up in the ripple effect of their own decisions as they create a show before your very eyes.

Meanwhile, Ben Wright’s choreography calls us to seize the moment… NOW!

Prepare to be entertained. Consequences will open your eyes… and keep them open!

Suitable for 10 years plus and family audiences.

Tuesday 19 October 2010 @ 8pm