OPEN15: Week 3 - Art Centre / Network Centre

OPEN15: Week 3 - Art Centre / Network Centre


Week 3: Arts Centre/Network Centre

Live at LICA is turning its gallery into a social space complete with café bar to explore the question – what is a 21st century art centre?

We feel an art centre should be communal and tell us who we are and who we want to be; if not a social movement, it should at least provide a deeper awareness and sense of place. During OPEN 2015 we’ll start this journey, exploring what an art centre could be and what it should do. We'll also engage in the sorts of activity you might expect us to - from exhibition to a networked rave.

Schedule of Events

Monday 11 - Friday 15 May10am-5pm
Cafe bar open in the Peter Scott Gallery

Wednesday 13 - Friday 15 May, 3-5pm
To Sing - One to One kareoke performances with artist and MA student Guillermo Katz. More information here

Saturday 16 May, 12noon-7.30pm
Network Agora - discussions involving artists, academics and industry professionals about networks. Food, performance, film and music will also play a role in our understanding of what it is to be networked, digitally and physically, from an academic, artistic and professional point of view. Find more information and download a schedule here

• Saturday 16 May, 8-11pm
Try something new on a Saturday night and join our Algorave with Norah Lorway, Shelly Knotts and Mark Pilkington - Prepare yourself for electronic, rhythmic and futuristic beats. For more information follow this link

Eat, Drink, Watch, Talk, Take Part.