The Strange Names Collective: The Gratitude of Monsters

The Strange Names Collective: The Gratitude of Monsters


Formed in 2001, The Strange Names Collective is a NW-based live-art collective consisting of Philip Stanier and regular collaborators. The Gratitude of Monsters combines three performances, each asking questions about progress and civilisation: a distorted survey of the world, a lesson in complicity, and an awards ceremony for acts of atrocity.

Appreciation: The summary of an authentic survey of global awareness, for which the motives are suspect, and the results troubling.

Repeat After Me: A formal ritual of repetition, where the lessons learned are not always in your best interest.

The Nominees are…: A perverse awards ceremony celebrating horrifying events and those responsible for them. Will you be nominated?

Blurs the line between performance art, stand-up, and theatre.

Time Out

Audience Quotes:

Fascinating! At times bizarre, unusual, thought-provoking. Throughly enjoyable.

It was a truly enjoyable evening full of charm, visually engaging, and fun!

Age recommendation: 16+