Forced Entertainment: Spectacular

Forced Entertainment: Spectacular


Following an extraordinary run of Nuffield Theatre visits in recent years, including Exquisite Pain, Bloody Mess and the World in Pictures, Spectacular is Forced Entertainment's playful and provocative new show.

Intimate and comical, Spectacular seductively winds the audience into the world of a missing performance. Our skeleton host seems relaxed about it, cracking jokes, staying chatty and amiable. But something's wrong. The fact that the next performer on-stage is caught up in some long, melodramatic death scene may have something to do with it.

Spectacular is about the trembling edge of laughter, possibility and invention found in the exchange between actor and audience. It's about death and playing dead, and about the strange contact between two performers on-stage.

One of Britain's greatest theatre companies

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The company are running a past show discussion after the performance on Tuesday 21 October.

Programme Note by Tim Etchells

Tuesday 21 October 2008 to Wednesday 22 October 2008 @ 8pm