OPEN15: Algorave

OPEN15: Algorave


Shelly Knotts, Norah Lorway and Mark Pilkington produce a night of networked beats and electronic rhythms

Try something new on a Saturday night and join our Algorave with Norah Lorway, Shelly Knotts and Mark Pilkington.

Mark Pilkington will present a live a/v performance that uses live coding to establish a link into the constant state of musical flux and improvisation, but also at the same time create analogies to ever changing ways of connectivity, flow of information and social networks. The musical material will be made up of the sound of electro and analog synthesisers with angular, yet strangely warm melodics, thoughtfully syncopated rhythms, noise textures to pushing beyond the conventions of techno and ambient music. Music designed to reach far beyond the dancefloor while avoiding the cliches of the chillout room, offering a sound that was simultaneously playful and sophisticated, clinical and organic.

Shelly Knotts and Norah Lorway will conclude the night with a networked piece composed live 'using systems built for creating algorithmic music'.

Prepare yourself for electronic, rhythmic and futuristic beats.

Please note that there will be flashing images during this performance.