The Museum of Nature and Us

The Museum of Nature and Us


The Museum of Nature and Us is a pop-up museum that will be located inside one of three shipping containers as part of LANDING, taking place from 28-30 June at The Battery in Morecambe.

The museum collects all kinds of things: objects we find, objects we make, pictures, words, sounds, textures, feelings, ideas, questions. Its collection will grow over the three days of LANDING, through activities, conversations and contributions from visitors. What might you leave behind? 

These collections explore the question ‘What connects us with nature?’ Some might be natural objects that delight or disgust us. Others might be things made by humans that are evidence of how we interact with the natural world, in positive or less positive ways. Some might be objects, words, sounds or images that capture how we feel about nature, or our hopes and fears relating to our relationship with it. Our relationship with nature can be complicated. The museum is not only for beautiful things. 

We started collecting things and ideas for the museum last December at an event exploring environmental justice. We’ve collected thoughts and ideas from people walking on the Morecambe promenade, and young people at Stanley’s Community Centre have created their own contribution to the museum. Artists Liz Clough and Leroy Lupton will invite people to work with them to create new contributions during LANDING. 

Above all, this is a place to exchange thoughts and ideas about what connects us with nature. Enjoy looking at, reading and listening to other people’s contributions, and leave behind your own.

The Museum of Nature and Us opening times:

Friday 28 June, 10am-6.30pm
Saturday 29 June, 10am-6pm
Sunday 30 June, 10am-4pm