Beacons was a project about hope and love during the March 2021, a time when we perhaps needed it the most. Lancaster Arts worked with the students at Lancaster University. Artist David Boultbee of BREADart created a unique light and sound installation that will soon become installed on campus for all to access and enjoy.

Beacons illuminates surprising corners of the campus, broadcasting messages of love and hope.

Anonymous messages from students were collected to inspire an event that announced hope from the rooftops on campus. Sound and light highlighted locations across campus in March as the messages were delivered through live performance. The Beacons performance will soon be translated into a digital work to create a legacy for the project and message to the future.

Beacons was an opportunity to ask questions - Do you have a particular affection for a location on campus? What does this place represent in terms of love, friendship and kindness? What makes you hopeful? What do you hope for in the future?

Beacons Ambassadors

Four Lancaster Arts volunteers are ambassadors for the Beacons project. Find out their hopes and views on the Instagram account.

Beacons is an important reminder at this difficult time that we can still collaboratively create something hopeful when things seem bleak.
Chloe, English Literary Studies MA student

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