Tim Crouch: An Oak Tree

Tim Crouch: An Oak Tree


Tim Crouch's celebrated play An Oak Tree comes to Lancaster following huge success at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a three-month run off-Broadway, and UK, European and Canadian tours.

An Oak Tree is a two-hander. One played by Tim Crouch, the other by a different actor at each performance. That second actor, male or female, will walk on stage having neither seen nor read a word of the play they're in until they're in it.

An Oak Tree weaves themes of human suggestibility, art and loss through a vivid and absurdly comic narrative that swoops between a tree by a road and the stage of a pub. It is a bold experiment in theatre form, but an experiment housed within a powerful and accessible story. The device of the second actor supports that story but also provides a startling image of someone discovering their own meaning from moment to moment.

A brilliant piece of new writing, An Oak Tree contains that breathless balance of accessible narrative, complex ideas, rich theatricality and broad humour which characterises Tim Crouch's work.

A powerful and moving work that overturns and toys with theatrical conventions, yet is one of the most grounded, funny and deeply moving stories you'll ever see on stage. This is daring, original work that reinvents itself nightly. Go and see it at least twice.

Gary Robson (Fittings Multimedia), selecting artist

Friday 23 November 2007 to Saturday 24 November 2007 @ 8pm


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